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About Us

An artist first and foremost, Mattie Simas is in love with photography. She has been living life through a lens for more than 20 years, beautifully documenting the most important moments in her customers' lives, not to mention gathering quite a few memories on her own very colorful journey.

Whether it's a bride's special day, a child's curious expression, a newborn's laugh, or a Tibetan pilgrim en route to a monastery, Mattie captures the moment with a unique perspective, an artistic style, and the technical proficiency to truly place her in a league of her own.

Mattie was given a camera at the age of twelve and has continued to develop and eventually master her passion towards her craft. Mattie allows her camera to free herself and her subjects from the constraints of time and space. Mattie has had the opportunity to travel extensively, and her captured images from exotic locations are absolutely breathtaking!

Mattie graduated from Suffolk University and studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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